CS101 GDB Solution 2019 & 2020 Correct Fall Semester

HeYou will get CS101 GDB solution 2019 of the fall semester in this post. I hope it will help you to get higher marks and you will understand it easily.



CS101 GDB Solution 2019

Here is the video tutorial to learn the solutions to the CS101 GDB fall semester.



1. Problem-solving by own will encourage and build up the confidence of the children. We should not rely on a computer to solve our mathematical problems because this will have a bad impact on our studies and preparation. Ease of anything is bad. so we should solve mathematical problems ourselves.

2. Solving mathematical problems though the computer will provide a bad impact on students ts and they will not focus on their studies.

3. Electronic gadgets such as laptops and computers cause eye issues in the students. We should avoid these electronic devices in studies where not necessary.


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