CS304 GDB Solution 2019 Correct Answers for Your Assignment

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CS304 GDB Solution Fall 2019


Question – Analyze the statement as available in the assignment very carefully to answer the following.

1. Do you believe that OOP should be phased out and we should start working on some alternative(s)❓ Yes or No.

2. Give your views with two reasons to consider your answers.


Solution –  I don’t think so. In today’s computer period, many different ways of solutions exist for any given problem. Where OOP used to be the doctrine of choice, now you would consider it only when the problem at hand fits an object-oriented solution.


Watch the video to see both reasons that are required to complete the solution.



1. You are not allowed to submit an assignment after the due date. Any excuses will not be entertained.

2. Don’t copy and paste the entire solutions.

3. Take ideas from the video and modify it.



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