Future Indefinite Tense in Urdu – Future Simple Tense in Urdu

In this lesson, you will learn Future Indefinite Tense in Urdu. I will also share its examples, sentences, and Urdu to English translation. Let’s learn it.


Future Indefinite Tense

It talks about an action that will happen in the future (undecided future). 

Future Indefinite Tense in Urdu – Sentences

We use three kinds of sentences in future indefinite tenses namely affirmative, negative and interrogative (question-based).



Affirmative: Subject + Will/Shall +1st Form of Verb + Object

Negative: Subject + Will Not/Shall Not + 1st Form of Verb + Object

Interrogative: Will/Shall + Subject + 1st Form of Verb + Object + Question Mark







1. I will not ask you.

2. They will not disturb you.

3. I will not bear you anymore.

4. The police will arrest you.

5. I said you will not go there.

6. I will attend Sir Amjad’s class.

7. Promise me! you will not cry.

8. You will win this match.

9. They will wake up early.

10. I will arrange for the party.





1. I will not eat food.

2. Will you go to Roshni Center?

3. I will not take a bath.

4. They will beat you.

5. He will glide.

6. He will guide you better.

7. He will help you better.

8. I will follow my god.

9. Will you help him?

10. Will, they read these books?


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