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Mushaf Novel

This is also one of the popular novels of Nimra Ahmed. It will not be wrong if we say Nimra Ahmed got so much fame just because of this novel. There is the best collection of novels by Nimra on our website. If you want to download them as well, then click here to check other novels.


Mushaf Novel Download

Mushaf Novel Download


Mushaf Novel Online Reading

Mushaf Novel Online Reading


Novel Name Mushaf
Writer Nimra Ahmed
File Format PDF
Language Urdu


Mushaf Novel Best Lines

1. The one whom God loves most, Allah breaks with His hands. Man has to be like a broken vessel from which people fall in love and get out.
2. The Quran had a mirror that was very transparent. Everything in it was so clear that sometimes the viewer seemed to hate himself.
3. If the person who has integrity and trust and really wants to get the Qur’an, then the Quran is given to him.
4. When you have trouble and your heart is sad, cry in your heart but take out the words that God likes to hear in your language.
5. Changing yourself is not easy. But changing the other is very difficult.


Mushaf Novel Summary

Mushaf is an Arabic term that relates to the Quran. In this story, there is a modern woman named Mehmal Ibraheem who does not believe Islamic Hijab. She thinks that the Quran is a book that contains memories of old times. She met a girl (who is inspired by Mushaf) while standing at a bus stop. Mehmal started the talk with her and got the book from her and bring a book home to read it. But she kept the book on the shelf and didn’t read it.

After some time, Mehmal’s cousin kidnapped her and sold her to someone else. She ran from the kidnapper’s custody and went to the Madrassa to save her life. Her life is changed when she saw the environment of Madrassa. She then started to recite Musfaf regularly and act accordingly. Her view now changed to the Quran.

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