Noun Definition in Urdu with Examples

Noun Definition in Urdu with Examples | Types | Meaning

The noun is the first and necessary part of speech and you will learn Noun Definition in Urdu with Examples, its meaning, and types in this post.

Noun Definition in Urdu with Examples


Noun Definition

The noun is derived from the Latin word “Nomen” which means Name. The Name of person, place or anything which actually exists but it can be untouchable like air.

Many students are confused about Noun but you will have proper knowledge after completely reading this post.


Noun Examples


1. Fazeel is Eating food.

Here the noun is ‘Fazeel’ and this sentence talking about that he is a noun. But suppose this sentence ‘He is Eating food’. In this sentence, ‘He’ is not a noun, it refers to another part of speech. I hope you are getting my point. Keep in mind Food is also a noun.

Remember that I, We, They, He, She are not a noun. The Name of a person is a noun. Moreover, the noun may be a city, country and beautiful places name.


2. Alia is making a Tea.

Here the nouns are ‘Alia’ and ‘Tea’. Alia is the name of a person and Tea comes under the category of thing.


Noun Definition and Examples in Urdu with Types


Noun Definition in Urdu


Types of Noun

These are classified into 5 types. The different types of a noun are used to make different types of sentences.

  1. Common Noun
  2. Proper Noun
  3. Collective Noun
  4. Abstract Noun
  5. Material Noun

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