Parts of Speech in Urdu With Examples | Meaning | PDF

In this lesson, I am going to teach you Parts of Speech in Urdu. I also shared its examples, meaning & PDF so that you will learn very well. If you are interested to learn then let’s get started.


Parts of Speech in Urdu

As you all know the meaning of part is “portions of anything” and the meaning of speech is sentences which we use for talking to someone.

There are eight parts of speech in English Grammar. If you learn it well then you can easily find out the part of the speech of every sentence.


1. Noun

2. Pronoun

3. Verb

4. Adverb

5. Adjective

6. Preposition

7. Conjunction

8. Interjection

Parts of Speech With Urdu Translation

Noun اسم
Pronoun ضمیر
Verb فعل
Adverb متعلق صفت
Adjective صفت
Preposition حرف جار
Conjunction وصل۔جوڑ
Interjection مداخلت 


Parts of Speech With Examples in Urdu

Parts of Speech Examples
Noun boys, girls, desks, class, pencils 
Pronoun I, we, they, he, she, It
Verb play, run, eat, fight
Adverb always, frequently, sometimes, often
Adjective good, better, best
Preposition time, in, on, at
Conjunction Not only, but also
Interjection blah, alas, oops


Parts of Speech in Urdu PDF

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